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Dec 9, 2013 5:00am EST
? >> that is largely driven by defensive space side, spending is down, u.s. down and down.e and they have decided the growth is in airbus and they need do you have the says side. that is what is being discussed. job cuts in the thousands. we don't know how many but it is essentially trying to put the a scale thatess on the budgets can support. how much are we talking about? i love to give me numbers about people cut. >> it is quit significant. ou have to keep in mind the eads is cutting jobs. lockheed martin has announced cuts and eads hasn't done that the defense side. it is harder in europe and it is chance to do this. i think they will try to do it in one bite. > and we should hear announcements the next phenomena hours? >> latered it. very much.u boeing's plane that looks ike the 737 is a hill advanced mechanical tiilitary aircraft. the u.s. navy deployed several to the japan to increase presence around the disputed islands. deployment for the aircraft which has been in development for nearly a decade. is a look at the game the ing capabilities of p-8. >> in 20 minutes it is "surveill
Dec 6, 2013 4:00am EST
country that has spiked since china announced an air defense zone that covers islands at the center of a territorial dispute. abe says the relationship between tokyo and beijing can never be severed. world leaders and well-wishers are mourning the death of nelson mandela. you're looking at live pictures of people outside his home. the former south african president died yesterday come aged 95. atlet's take a closer look mandela's life and the legacy he leaves behind. take a listen. >> the free man taking his first steps into a new south africa. >> from prisoner to president, nelson mandela's 1990 release end ofil signaled the south africa's racist policy of apartheid. on to become the country's first truly democratically elected leader. >> i, nelson mandela, do hereby to be faithful to the republic of south africa. a born in a small village to local chief, mandela was one of 13 children and the first member of his family to attend school. in the 1940's, he began opposing minority's policy of apartheid laws that segregated society. first, mandela was inspired by approach of nonviolent r
Dec 10, 2013 4:00am EST
morning. that might be impacted by our next story. cut almost 6000 jobs from its defense and space unit. let's get more details on what happens next from david tweed. he joins us from berlin. the origins of this restructure must lie with the failed merger with bae systems. since then, management looking very carefully at this unit. >> not that long ago, management wanted to see half of the business coming from the airbus civil aircraft business and half of the business coming from defense and space. since the merger was dropped by the germans, they have stepped right away from this. it is also a reflection of the drop in spending that we are seeing in europe. that is something that tom eggers was talking about. markets in europe are particularly down. one example is that, think about it. france put in orders for 50 a- 400 military aircraft transport planes. in the budget, only 15 were actually budgeted. they are not getting the support that they were looking for from european governments who are big shareholders. why keep up the unwieldy infrastructure of defense companies? seeing why w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3